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Customer Advocate Center

As a client of Digital Insurance, our Customer Advocate Center provides an enormous advantage to your employees. Live representatives are available by phone during business hours to answer employees' and covered family members' questions about policies, procedures and claims.

Rather than distracting you or your staff to problem-solve, our customer advocates are only a phone call away.

They can respond to all types of inquiries:

›          What's the deductible for emergency room visits?

›          Does the policy have mental health coverage?

›          What percentage of the plan pays for out-of-network providers?

›          When will a claim be paid?

›          Is a provider in network?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your Customer Advocate Center did something incredible for one of my employees and I’d like to share it with you. This employee came to me two weeks ago very upset because a member of his family was told they needed a specialty prescription and it could cost as much as $30,000/year.   That’s his gross annual salary!  There is no way he could pay that.  He asked if our insurance would cover any of it.  I looked it up and verified that HealthNet had a $100/month co-pay for the Rx.  He was so relieved when I told him.  $100/month would be really tough, but he could find a way to make it happen. 

Today, he came into my office with tears in his eyes.  Digital’s Customer Advocate Center called him at home & put him in contact with a group that supports families dealing with the same medical issues.  When they found out his income and that he had 4 small children at home, the group offered to pay $90 of the $100/mo co-pay. 

Sometimes good things really do happen. Thank you so very much.
Rhonda in Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to say what a great benefit Digital’s Customer Advocate Center is. I had an argument over a payment with my insurance carrier and Digital was able to get it all resolved in just a few days. WONDERFUL!”
Jo in German Town, Maryland

“Thank you so much for all your help with our bills. You do not even know how much you have helped us and taken so MUCH STRESS off of us. I wish more companies were like Digital!”
Janiz in Riverside, California

“Just a quick note to let you know that one of your customer advocates was very, very helpful handling a previous crisis with our insurance carrier. We will likely need her help again … and again … and again. Thank you.”
Mark in San Ramon, California 

Your employees get the personal service they deserve and the answers they need in a confidential, private conversation. In addition, they receive guidance about how to use their insurance properly. It's an enormous time-saver, a potential money-saver and a winning solution for all of Digital's customers.

We look forward to hearing from you and your employees.
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