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Compensation Disclosure

Digital Insurance, Inc. is an appointed agent for the insurance companies we represent. Digital Insurance, Inc. provides services to the customer on behalf of the insurer in connection with the placement of insurance. In our role as the insurance carrier's agent, we receive all of our compensation from insurance companies for our professional services in the form of commissions, which consist of a percentage of the premium collected by the insurance companies. In some cases, we may also receive additional compensation, under agreements with one or more insurance carriers, in the form of commission overrides, bonuses or marketing fees which can be based on some combination of volume, new business, persistency and other factors. Digital Insurance, Inc. may be a party to such agreements with one or more of the insurers or insurance intermediaries with or through which Digital Insurance, Inc. places insurance. Any additional compensation is not customarily attributable to a particular client and is not factored into a decision on where to place business. We are able to provide more specific information about our compensation structure at a client's request.

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